Places to Stay During Your Vacation

Traveling and seeing the world is the best gift that you can give to yourself. But the hassle of looking for that right place to stay in is a great struggle. As a traveler or a tourist, you want the best place to stay in while enjoying your vacation. Whether it is out of the country or a local spot, a place that is tranquil and safe to spend the night in is the most important thing in your vacation. You don’t want the hassle of worrying where to sleep or looking for a safe place to keep your stuff. But there are different kinds of places to stay when you are on a vacation such as a hostel, bed and breakfast, and a guest house. Knowing what best fits your needs will be helpful to give you the best experience in your travel.

Places To Stay During Your Vacation



One of the most common places to say during a vacation is a hotel. A typical hotel would have the necessary amenities such as bathrooms, closets, toiletries, and towels. A more expensive hotel would have a gym, restaurant and might have its own entertainment lounge. There are different kinds of hotels such as the motel which are primarily located on highways and are for travelers that have a vehicle. Another kind is the suburban hotels. These hotels are for budget travelers and the rate is extremely low. Next are airport hotels that are found in airports. These are hotels near the airports that provide an immediate relief from traveling through the air. Then, we have resort hotels which are found in destination beaches. We also have boatels that are hotels in boats and rotels which are hotels in a train. And finally, the floating hotels. These are rooms that are on luxury liners and cruise ships. Hotels, whether it is budget-friendly or a luxurious one, you can guarantee that there will be a wide variety of rooms to choose from. From a single bedroom to a master suite, you can surely bet that this place will give you a lot of options to choose from.

Guest house

guest house


If you are traveling to places that have no hotels, why not look for a guest house? This is one of the places to stay on your vacation. Guest houses are houses that accommodate travelers or tourists in their home for a fee. These might be families that are looking for extra income and are willing to share their home for a fee or just people who want to accommodate tourist to their lives and culture. You can find guest houses in different websites on the internet. Depending on what guest house you can get into, you will be able to access amenities that are not in a typical hotel such as laundry services or home cooked meals. Try to look for one in your area, you might be surprised what people are willing to share to a stranger like.



A cabin is a building of simple construction. It is found in the countryside or in the mountains where people warm up and admire the beautiful view. A cabin has a fireplace and bathroom. It is like a small home away from home.

Bed and Breakfast

places to stay

Another one of the places to stay during your vacation is the bed and breakfast. A small establishment that offers accommodation overnight and a scrumptious breakfast in the morning. This is often found anywhere except if you are in a deserted place. Amenities are the same as a hotel but not as exclusive. Some of these bed and breakfast has a common bathroom and you have to share it with other people in that place. Keep in mind that some Bed and Breakfasts are small and are not as big and grand as hotels but it is a comfortable living style which can suit anyone from friends only to people with families.

From the listing above, there are many places you can stay to choose from but how do you find the perfect one? First, make a checklist of what you need. If you are going on a trip with a family, consider their needs as well. You also need a big room to accommodate everyone. Second, check your budget. If you cannot afford a luxury hotel, you can still choose a variety of places that are affordable and still offer the comfortable ambiance that you are looking for. Finally, do your research on the place that you will stay in. Remember, there is nothing wrong with checking the place. It is recommended to research on the hotel or cabin you are going to. Check the reviews, double check the pictures being posted on their website and find people who already went there and ask them for their experience, it will greatly help.

So, what are you waiting for? With so many choices you will surely find the perfect place to stay in tune of your vacation.